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BGYB offers Charter holidays to Greece: a country embellished with a colourful culture. Greece is geographically a diverse country with many beautiful islands, mountains and incredible landscapes.

It is a destination to travel to if you want a perfect balance of peacefulness and vitality. A Charter holiday with BGYB will take you to the most charming locations both culturally and physically. Greece has an enormous number of Islands to visit and below are some examples of where you can go :



Suggested Itinerary


Ionian Islands

The Ionian Sea is a sun trap with some of the most glorious islands in Europe. The Ionian Islands are located in the West of Greece and offer the most beautiful beaches, landscapes and villages. Corfu is one of the most popular and most beautiful islands with incredible landscapes with mountains rolling into the clear blue sea.

  1. DAY 1: Pireaus-Trizonia Trizonia is a small and little known island on the Corinthian Gulf whose crystal clear waters are evidence of the tranquility that lies ashore. No cars or motorbikes are allowed on the Island, making it the perfect location to relax on the beach or take a peaceful stroll through the street.

    DAY 2: Trizonia-Kefalonia –   Kefalonia – the biggest island of the group – is surrounded by deep blue waters. The landscape is dotted with Roman, Venetian and  Byzantine ruins that punctate the stunning scenery.  Whilst on shore you can visit the world famous beaches of Myrtos and Fiskardo or take in the breathtaking views from the top of Mountain Aimos.

    DAY 3: Kefalonia-Lefkada - Despite its smaller size, this island is laced with bustling towns and tranquil beaches. Porto Kalsiki is particularly beautiful, as the beach is carved from the soft limestone of the surrounding mountains and is framed by vertical cliffs.

    DAY 4: Lefkada-Meganissi- This lush green island is perfect for those who are looking to get away from it all. Anchor in a secluded bay and relax on board or explore one of the island’s many interesting caves.

    DAY 5: Meganissi-Ithaki- Ithaki is famed as being the birthplace of Greek hero, Odysseus and is home to one of the world’s largest natural harbours.  Visit the Cave of the Nymphs where Odysseus hid gifts from the Phaeacians or stop at the towns of Kioni and Frikes which are virtually unspoiled by tourist intrusion.

    DAY 6: Ithaki-Zakynthos- Zakynthos –or Zante-is the sunniest Island in the Med and is full of life and things to do. Aside from it’s internationally renowned nightlife and white sand, Zante also offers the chance to explore underwater caves and visit Navagio beach – the sight of a shipwreck. The island’s beaches are also a vital breeding ground for the endangered Caretta Caretta turtles.

    DAY 7: Zakythos-Old Epidavros-Old Epidavros was one of the most important cities in Ancient Greece.  There is a quiet beach and several authentic tavernas, as well as an Ancient Theatre where traditional Greek plays are still performed.

    DAY 8: Old Epidavros-Pireaus-  Pireaus has always been a port of great historical and commercial importance.  Behind the harbour walls, peruse the small restaurants and picturesque cafés.


Cyclades Islands
These are the most famous of all the Greek Islands, offering tourists a great number of fantastic bars, restaurants, beaches and architecture. The Cyclades Islands have a dynamic history which is still embedded in it's present culture. One can chose to sit back and relax on the peaceful beaches or involve themselves in the vivacious nightlife.

DAY 1: Pireaus-Kea- Kea is a slow-paced island, a charming paradise of small cafés and tavernas. Try the local sausage dish “Paspala”, cheese and wine, or sweets made with the local honey.

DAY 2: Kea-Mykonos- Mykonos is amongst the most famous of the Greek Islands and is dotted with the iconic white buildings with blue doors and window frames. Take a walk through Little Venice, with the water lapping at your feet or anchor in a bay at the South Side of the Island to relax amongst the Island’s white sanded beaches.

DAY 3: Mykonos-Paros- Paros is an island which offers everything. Here you will find fertile landscapes interrupted only by quaint churches and monasteries alongside the vibrant clubs and bars of the town of Parikia.

DAY 4: Paros-Santorini The island is the site of one of the largest volcanic eruptions in recorded history: the Minoaneruption (sometimes called the Thera eruption),which occurred some 3,600 years ago.  Take a stroll through Thira or Oia for  shopping or coffee or take a trip to the winery which is always an experience to be remembered.

DAY 5: Santorini-Tinos-The beaches at Tinos are golden or pebble with a backdrop of impressive scenery. There is a tradition of marble carving on the Island and this is represented in the intricate architecture that you will see when you step ashore. A visit to the huge Church of Panagria (Virgin Mary) is a must.

DAY 6: Tinos-Syros- Syros is the capital of the Cyclades and boasts stunning Venetian and Neoclassical architecture. The most popular beaches are on the Southern side of the Island, so anchor here for an enjoyable afternoon of relaxation and swimming.

DAY 7: Syros-Kythros- Kythros boast more than 70 beaches; many of which are still inaccessible by road.  The cresent shaped, white sanded each at Kolona is perfect for an afternoon of relaxation, as are the warm thermal springs at Loutra Bay which are said to have healing properties.

DAY 8: Kythnos-Pireaus- Pireaus has always been a port of great historical and commercial importance.  Behind the harbour walls, peruse the small restaurants and picturesque cafés.

Dodecanese Islands
Some of these islands are very close to Turkey and offer an alluring atmosphere. Of the most famous are Kos and Kalymnos, but BGYB Charter can take you to some of the more secluded and culturally interesting islands.
BGYB will ensure that you visit the islands that are most appealing to you on your charter holiday. Whether is it peace and quiet, a historically rich island or an island buzzing with nightlife, we will advise you as to where is best to visit. Nonetheless, Greece is an exciting country to visit: it is a country with a strong history which has moulded Greece into what it is now: a captivating country.

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