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Sale of Your Yacht Marketed through BERNARD GALLAY Yacht Brokerage (BGYB) on a Sale Central Agency Basis

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Sale of Your Yacht Marketed through BERNARD GALLAY Yacht Brokerage (BGYB) on a Sale Central Agency Basis

This page presents the services provided by BERNARD GALLAY Yacht Brokerage (BGYB) through its role as Central Agent for the sale of your sailing yacht.

As Central Agent for the sale of your yacht, BGYB will use all of the marketing tools necessary in order to attract the maximum number of potential clients worldwide.

Thanks to our brokerage experience, having been established for many years and having studied this market in particular (of similar yachts), we will advise you on the market value of your yacht. We will keep you updated about the market value on a regular basis as the marketing process goes on.

BGYB recent sales


Founded in 1994, BGYG rapidly grew in the yachting industry and became a full member of the prestigious MYBA – Mediterranean Yacht Broker Association which is associated with some of the world leading brokerage companies worldwide.

Bernard Gallay, founder of BGYB, has had a long and successful sailing career through racing in events such as the America’s Cup and the Vendee Globe – non stop solo race around the word.

A few years ago, he decided to hold back from competing and put 100% of his efforts into the development of BGYB. Considering that the qualities of a sailor and characteristics of an entrepreneur were closely linked (anticipation, courage and perseverance), he completely surrounded himself with other internationally respected sailors, either competitors like him or yacht captains, to really push for the progression of BGYB.

These personalities are those such as :

Nicolas Marchand (BGYB Montpellier)
Thierry Barot (BGYB Hong Kong)
Jean-Yves Candlot (BGYB Palma)
Oscar Konyukhov (BGYB Moscow)
François Boucher (BGYB Paris)
Philippe Monnet (BGYB Monaco)
Stephane Della (BGYB La Ciotat)
Bruno Gallien (BGYB Montpellier)

BGYB’s principal activity lies with the sale and purchase of yachts 20 m and above. The largest yacht that we have sold up to this date was 53 metres long and was sold at a value of around 20 million Euros.

We have also successfully set up our yacht charter sector of the business. All of the yachts that we have on our listings for charter, come with a crew. Thanks to an international network which has been formed over many years, we are able to offer a wide range of great charter destinations to our clients in all of the world’s most beautiful places.

For many years now, we have also been developing the yacht management activity. In response to the many yacht owners who worry about the responsibility of looking after their yachts, we find solutions to their problems and manage their yachts daily so that they get the chance to really enjoy them without any troubles.


To rapidly arouse an interest amongst potential clients, directly through our own BGYB network (France : Montpellier, Paris, La Ciotat / Monaco / Palma de Mallorca / Moscow / Hong Kong ) and also indirectly through our international network of corresponding brokers, with the hope to sell the yacht within the next 12 months.

To put into place a strong marketing programme with announcements in the press, to participate in one or two brokerage shows, from now on, until the end of 2010. We will also communicate regularly with our own clientele and corresponding brokers.

To assist with the negotiations with a buyer or his/her representative
To assist with contracts, legal demands and with the financial aspect of the sale.


As for all of the yachts that we represent as Central Agent, we are completely involved in order to achieve the best results regarding the sale of the yacht and the satisfaction of the owner.


BGYB is committed to :


  • Carrying out a professional level of marketing in order to promote and represent the vessel and to maintain and develop confidential relationships with our clients or all other potential clients
  • Assuring that she is marketed to our international clientele effectively
  • Assuring that the vessel is represented in an effective manner to the international yacht broker community and assuring that each request for the yacht is dealt with quickly and effectively
  • Assuring the good development of contractual relationships between the parties and more generally, appropriately dealing with viewings, sea trials and expertises
  • Creating marketing tools and communicating at a high professional level, publishing announcements in specialised magazines and such like
  • Taking part in 1 or 2 brokerage shows
  • Working in a proactive manner with the captain of the yacht and organising a number of “open days” in order to invite the brokerage community to come and visit your yacht
  • Discussing and researching marinas in which your yacht could be moored and in a place that is easily accessible for the market.

BGYB as Central Agent

We believe that it is in your interest, to have a central agent for the sale of his yacht.
More that often, yachts which are larger in size (from 20 metres and above) use more than one yacht broker for their sale : one yacht broker may list the yacht (listing broker) but may not have the client. However another yacht broker may have the client (selling broker) but does not list the yacht. Furthermore, co-brokerage is important for yachts in which there is not a huge client base, but one that is scattered worldwide.


According to the usual terms of business of MYBA – Mediterranean Yacht Broker Association – of which we are a member of, as central agent of the sale of a yacht, we are responsible for managing her sale and announcements, elaborating on her specification and distributing the information of the yacht amongst other brokers and representing the owner in the final transaction, face to face with the buyer or his representative.

Being a Central Agent is a duty toward the Seller more than a privilege. A Central Agent will avoid a lot of confusion during the Sale of the Yacht : differences of asking prices between brokers, mistakes in her specification, the same advert from several brokers appearing in the same magazine, or perhaps worse, no advert appearing at all. The Central Agent will thus encourage broker’s co-operation.

In detail, we will manage the following tasks : 


  • The initial announcement to the international community of brokers who sell yachts of a similar style, that your yacht is for sale
  • Regularly communicating about your yacht with our clients directly
  • Regularly communicating and updating the international community of brokers on recent work carried out on the yacht, changes in price, changes in location etc.
  • Organising viewings of the yacht with the Captain and crew
  • Managing all aspects concerning the contracts (memorandum of agreement, bill of sale, etc.) and the sale of the yacht : sea trial, expertise, closing of the sale, etc.
  • Financial management and administration of the sale of your yacht
  • Ensuring that communication between all parties is clear and precise – owner, client, captain, brokers
  • Marketing management : advertising, boat shows, announcements, etc.

For all of the tasks listed above, we will maintain regular contacts with the owner and crew to keep them informed with the progress of the sale of the yacht and the state of the market.